Dental Crowns Repair And Enhance Damaged Teeth

Dental Crowns

At Gentle Dental Vancouver, many of our patients have had dental crowns (or crown & bridge treatment) to restore their beautiful smiles. But many haven’t, and we often get questions about what a crown is and why we would place one. We’re glad to take a moment today to give you a general overview and let you know why this …

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Tooth Extraction Restoration Options From Your Vancouver Dentist

Tooth Extraction

Last month, we blogged about the reasons you may need a tooth extraction. As your dentist in Vancouver, at Gentle Dental Vancouver, we also have ways to restore your teeth if your tooth extraction left you with a gap in your smile that changes how well you chew, speak, and feel around other people. Another consideration is that spaces left …

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Dentures Are A Long-Lasting, Total Smile Solution


We provide dentures in Vancouver and can restore your natural appearance and your ability to eat and speak. For many people – in consultation with me at Gentle Dental Vancouver – dentures remain the treatment of choice. Dentures are removable, custom-fitted replacement teeth that are crafted from strong, durable materials like acrylic resin which can be reinforced with porcelain or …

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