Full-Mouth Extraction, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Tooth Extraction in Vancouver!

At Gentle Dental in Vancouver, we know that patients may need tooth extraction in Vancouver due to advanced decay or gum disease, to make way for orthodontic treatment, or in preparation for dentures. In many cases, patients may also need to have one or more wisdom teeth removed due to them being impacted, meaning they have no broken through the gum line yet.

Whether you require a single-tooth extraction, full-mouth extraction, or wisdom tooth removal in Vancouver, keep in mind that our team will always do everything we can to make the process as quick and efficient as possible.

What's involved with tooth extraction in Vancouver?

If you require the extraction of one or more teeth, our compassionate team will walk you through the procedure before it’s performed, and we’ll be sure to answer any and all questions you have. It’s important to know that, in most cases, patients who undergo tooth extraction in Vancouver experience minor discomfort and swelling after the procedure, and they make a full recovery within a few days.

Tooth extractions are performed using local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth or teeth. In some cases, sedation may also be used. Rest assured that we will discuss your unique needs before proceeding with care.

How should you care for your mouth after an extraction?

Following an extraction, it's important to follow a series of after-care steps. You'll need to avoid smoking and using straws to prevent dry socket(s). You'll also need to eat soft foods and brush your teeth gently for the first few days. Our team will provide you with more specific instructions following your procedure.

If you have any questions about full mouth extractions in Vancouver or would like to book an appointment for wisdom tooth removal in Vancouver, please contact Gentle Dental. We would be happy to help you!

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  • Have a significantly decayed tooth removed
  • Prevent the spread of any infection to nearby teeth
  • Prevent cysts, jaw pain, and more by removing impacted wisdom teeth
  • Avoid orthodontic issues caused by overcrowding
  • Improve your oral health.

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