Find out if you need a white filling

  • Can’t be seen when you smile
  • Improve a tooth’s structure
  • Enhance the colour of your teeth
  • Stop a cavity from becoming worse
  • A straightforward procedure.

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White Fillings Are The Clear Winner For Many Patients

Over the last several decades, the materials used to restore teeth affected by decay have come a long way. White fillings, otherwise known as composites, are the preferred choice of many patients for regaining and maintaining a natural, strong smile.

How cavities affect your smile

Cavities can happen to anyone, even if you maintain a regular hygiene routine. When foods meet bacteria in our mouths, it leads to a chemical reaction that creates acid. This nasty acid can erode the outer part of your tooth’s surface, known as the enamel, and cause a cavity. As it progresses, it ushers in infection and additional decay that weakens the tooth and leads to pain and tooth loss. At first, you might not know you have a cavity due to a lack of symptoms. But as time goes on, the telltale signs will eventually strike. They include:

  • Tooth surface staining
  • Sensitivity
  • Piercing toothache that arises suddenly
  • Minor to significant pain when consuming hot, cold, or sweet drinks or foods
  • Discomfort & pain when chewing.