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Our gentle team wants you to have a healthy smile for life. That’s why we offer a range of treatments for people of all ages.  

Our emergency dentist in Vancouver proudly offers top-tier services. We specialise in immediate dental assistance for unexpected oral issues. Our skilled team ensures prompt relief, expert diagnoses, and effective treatments, delivering peace of mind when you need it most. Trust our emergency dentist in Vancouver for 24/7, immediate dental care.

Are you someone who is extremely nervous about dentistry? Look no further for a sedation dentist – we can give you an oral pill to help you remain calm. If it’s a brighter, more - noticeable smile you’re after, you can take advantage of our cosmetic options. They include safe and effective at-home teeth whitening and dental veneers in Vancouver.

If your teen is starting to experience pain at the back of their mouth, it’s very likely their wisdom teeth are emerging. There’s no need for a referral – we can determine if wisdom teeth removal is necessary. 

Whether you crack a tooth or have deep decay caused by a cavity, chances are we can save your tooth as a root canal dentist. And if you or a loved one enjoy being active, we encourage you to protect your smile from damage with a sports mouthguard. Our office will take a mold of your mouth and provide a custom-fitted piece you’ll actually want to wear.

If your smile has been impacted by tooth loss, we provide partial and complete dentures for ministry and status patients at no extra charge.

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