Digital x-rays for exceptional treatment

  • Experience a pain-free experience
  • Less radiation than film
  • It only takes seconds to complete
  • For the most accurate diagnosis possible
  • No negative impact on the environment.

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Digital X-Rays Pick Up What The Eye Can’t

Digital x-rays help your dentist in Vancouver make accurate diagnoses while giving you a comfortable, safe experience in the chair. This technology is remarkable in so many ways.

Learn about digital x-rays

Digital x-rays allow us to look at things beneath the surface. They show us your bone level, spots that could be abscessing, tumours, and we can detect dental decay. They are a necessity and preferred over traditional film x-rays due to the low level of radiation (as much as 90% less). It’s very safe for you and us. It’s also better for the environment. Film x-rays require chemicals to be developed.