Get Oral Sedation in Vancouver During Treatment

  • Easily administered (painless)
  • Feel at ease during your appointment
  • Overcome fear & anxiety
  • Safe & effective way to relax
  • Look forward to future visits.

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Lady having oral sedation treatment

Oral Sedation for Pain-free Treatment

Oral sedation in Vancouver can make a huge difference for people who fear the dentist. About 20 percent of patients are dental phobic, and at least 50 percent have reservations about dental appointments. If you fit into either of these groups, we want you to know that oral sedation is available from your dentist in Vancouver. This is just one of the ways we aim to make your care as comfortable as possible.

What is oral sedation?

Most commonly, oral sedation is taken in pill form to reduce mild to moderate levels of anxiety and fear. The objective is to make you lightly sedated and more relaxed during treatment. You’ll be awake and able to communicate with us and follow any instructions we provide. As a result of this conscious sedation, many patients lightly doze off in the dentist’s chair because of their deep state of relaxation.